PA Bylaws

Here are our current By-Laws, as voted on by the PA membership present at our October 2013 general meeting:

AmPark PA Bylaws as of 10/23/2013

There were two small changes approved. These were:

  1. The General PA meeting is now officially on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
  2. The Parent Coordinator’s Report was added to the prescribed agenda for the General PA Meeting.

Here are the previous By-Laws, as well as the draft Certificate of Incorporation approved on 12/11.

Ampark Bylaws – Final 9/10/12

Bylaws Sept 2012 summary r1-1

AmPark Policies and Guidelines rev 3-1

2011-12-14 AmPark PA BYLAWS – FINAL

AmPark PA Old BYLAWS – FINAL Completed 11-20-2010

2011-12-05 PA DRAFT Certificate of Incorporation

For reference, here is also a link to the Department of Education Chancellor’s Regulations regarding PAs. Download and skim!

Finally, a link to the Files and Resources page for the NYC DOE Division of Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

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