Bus information

You will need your student’s ID number to view individual bus scheduling and routes at this link.

Click here for the DOE Transportation page.

Students who ride in the bus should have an index card in their back packs with their name, bus stop location, bus route #, and an emergency contact number.

Busing generally starts by the end of September.  If you have questions or info about a new address or busing needs for your child, contact the Parent Coordinator via phone (AmPark office phone is 718-548.3451).

Get text updates on bus service! Join Remind by following the links and registering. Any delay notices we receive from Grandpa’s Bus Service will be sent to parents via this texting service. Take advantage!

Blue Bus – remind.com/join/fh98
Red Bus – remind.com/join/ktahar
Green Bus – remind.com/join/d66dh

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