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Help the PA help the school by joining one of our committees! Here are the descriptions. For information about committee chairs and PA officers, please see the AmPark PA Officers and School Staff Directory.

5th Grade Helps with fundraising and event planning for the 5th grade graduating class.
Budget & Finance Along with the PA Treasurer, this committee is responsible for developing the budget to meet the needs of the year’s activities, as planned by the PA.
Bylaws Reviews the current AmPark Parents’ Association bylaws in order to improve and update for relevancy and accuracy. Present bylaws for approval by PA members.
Community Service Plans local community service activities for the school such running food, toy, and clothing drives. Coordinates and supports Red Nose Day, Relay for Life, Schoola Clothing Drive (with the Fundraising Committee), and new community service opportunities.
Fundraising Works to create opportunities for raising funds for the Parents’ Association via school events for students and families. Includes: The Appeal, Movie Nights, Spring Auction, Bake Sales, Holiday Shoppe, Book Fair, and much more!
Parent Involvement Oversees the coordination of events that encourage fellowship with the students and their families. Includes: Harvest Festival, Science Fair, Talent Show and Summer Olympics. This committee encourages parent participation and involvement in the Parents’ Association and events.
Wellness & Safety Promotes health and safety awareness as well as physical activity to our students and their families. The committee includes overseeing the annual Wellness Fair, WITS Labs, WITS Café Days and the hydroponics garden plan. The committee would also research and schedule guest speakers during school year to address nutrition, exercise, and safety. Coordinate with Principal and teachers to schedule guest speakers for classroom presentations – as well as presentations for families. Note: someone in this role, with time, interest and resources, can be vastly innovative.


 Bake Sale Organizes the monthly bake sale before school and/or after-school hours. Including: rounding up volunteers, attaining donated baked goods, set-up, working the booth, and clean-up. The goal is to hold a bake sale every month.
Book Fair Organizes the Book Fairs during school hours. Including: rounding up volunteers, attaining donated books for discount bin, set-up, working the event, and clean-up. Held twice each year for approximately a 1-week period.
Communications Coordinates PA communications with parents. It includes the Owl Newsletter (facilitate with layout, content, and distribution), Flyers (create flyers for various events throughout the year), and Copies (make copies for school-wide events, which require approx. 400+ copies each).
Family Nights Organizes the Family Nights (e.g., Movie Night, Game Night, etc.) events that take place at 6pm typically on a Friday once a month. This includes coordinating with the grades when it is their turn to host, attaining volunteers for the event, soliciting donations of food, beverages, party favors to sell, set-up to be ready at 6pm, and clean-up.
Grants Researches grant opportunities that align with AmPark’s needs. Apply for grants, monitor applications, and meet with Principal and PA President as needed to determine funding needs.
Harvest Festival Helps to plan, coordinate, and host the annual Harvest Festival – a school community-building event. Including: promoting event, rounding up volunteers, attaining donated food items (event is 100% donated food), set-up, working stations, and clean-up. Event is held on a weekend.
Hospitality Coordinates and organizes food, set-up, and clean-up at the following PA functions: General PA meetings (monthly), Morning PA recap meetings (monthly), and Staff Appreciation Day (annually). Works with Family Night Committee and Bake Sale Committee to ensure regularly scheduled events are covered.
PA Morning Meeting Recaps Gives meeting updates and information to parents who cannot attend evening PA meetings. Usually held the following morning from 8:20AM – 9:00AM. Must attend the evening session to recap.
Parent Appeal Helps write and distribute annual Appeal letter to parents, asking for donations toward the PA’s budget – this is the second biggest source of fundraising for the PA annually.
Publicity/Media Works to create opportunities for putting AmPark in the news as well as creating more media exposure via website, publications, articles, etc.
Science Fair Helps to plan, coordinate, and host the annual Science Fair. Including: promoting event (and increasing participation!), rounding up volunteers, set-up, and clean-up. Event is held on a weekend.
Spring Auction Helps to plan, coordinate, and host the annual Silent Auction – the school’s biggest fundraiser. There are opportunities to help in many ways and your support is crucial! This includes: rounding up volunteers to both solicit donations in the months leading up to the event and working the event in some way. Donations are essential for the success of this event. Also includes promoting the event widely, decorating, setting up for event, picking up food and beverage donations the day of the event and clean-up. Event will be held on Friday night, April 28, 2017.
Summer Olympics/Field Day
Helps to plan, coordinate and host the annual AmPark Summer Olympics – a school community building event. Including: promoting event, rounding up volunteers, set-up, working stations, and clean-up. Event is held on a weekend.
Sweetheart Dance Help plan, coordinate and execute dance.
Talent Show Helps to plan, coordinate, and host the annual Talent Show. Including: promoting event, rounding up volunteers, set-up, and clean-up. Event is held on an evening and includes a rehearsal date.
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Help plan, coordinate and execute appreciation week.

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