Meet our Executive Committee

Here are the hardworking individuals who will make the 2017-2018 school year a great success!


President, Crystal Teron-Salas

crystal2016Hi, My name is Crystal Teron-Salas, I have 2 children: Avaree is 8 yrs old and Cayden will soon be 4. This is my 3rd year as President of our Parent’s Association. After working so hard last year on building up our team I knew I wanted to continue and not lose momentum. We had an amazing year and I’m looking forward to another great year with our new team!



Treasurer, Mac-Raymond Larbi

Mac_Raymond LarbiMy name is Mac-Raymond Larbi. I have a daughter in 3rd Grade and a son in Kindergarten. The PA has been tremendous since my first year with AmPark and that was a motivating factor for me to help by accepting the role of the treasurer this year. The PA serves as the liaison between parents and school staff which creates an avenue for parents to communicate their concerns and ideas with the school. This creates an environment where our children benefit, allowing them to learn and receive the guidance we all hope for them to receive from school. I look forward to working with you this year to contribute to the joy of our children; to help make their experience at AmPark special and memorable. I invite you to be an active member of the PA so you can contribute to this goal.


Secretary, Abby Cruz

I currently have three children attending our wonderful school. Choosing to be an active part of our school community reinforces to my children the value of school, community, commitment and determination. I enjoy having an active role in the school via volunteer work, fundraising efforts and determining what types of enrichment programs our children have access to. I am enthusiastic about our future endeavors and look forward to a successful school year.


VP Fundraising, Jose Northover

Jose NorthoverJosé Northover is a native New Yorker who has dedicated his life to serving young persons, families and communities.  His volunteer teaching and youth coaching began at an early age. Successful careers in broadcasting, management and sales have developed a keen understanding of led to been successful.  He has produced several award-winning financial talk radio programs and financial seminars nationally.  For several years he oversaw the Banking on Our Future Financial Literacy program in New York for Operation HOPE, an international non-profit organization. Mr. Northover is married and the father of two AmPark children: a 4 year old son and 6 year old daughter.


VP Parent Involvement, Beth Stonick

Beth Stonick

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