AmPark PA Officers and School Staff Directory

AmPark Executive Committee 2017-2018

President: Crystal Teron-Salas (president at amparkpa dot org)
Secretary: Abby Cruz (secretary at amparkpa dot org)
Treasurer: Mac-Raymond Larbi (treasurer at amparkpa dot org)
VP of Parent Involvement: Beth Stonick (vpparentinvolvement at amparkpa dot org)
VP of Fundraising: Jose Northover (vpfundraising at amparkpa dot org)
Parent Involvement Chair: VACANT
Fundraising Chair: VACANT
Fifth Grade Committee Co-Chairs: Kenia Fuertes and Kathy Suero
Media Chair: Audrey Routliffe
Service Chair: Inocencia Olivo
Spring Auction Co-Chairs: Kenia Fuertes and Sofia Zuberbuhler
Wellness Chair: VACANT (wellness at amparkpa dot org)

School Staff

Principal Interim Acting: Kelly Lennon
Interim Assistant Principal: Bonnie Durgin
Parent Coordinator: Angie Lebron
School Secretary: Damaris Scott

Media Team

General Email: media at amparkpa dot org
Web Site
: Inocencia Olivo (info at amparkpa dot org)
Photography and Events: Robert Branch
Visuals: Ray Martinez


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  1. Hi – I just registered for the Stop & Shop A+ school rewards program, and found out that a school ID number is needed. AmPark’s school ID # is 09225.


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