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Wellness in the Schools Program News

WITS October Cooking Schedule

Message from Chef Ricardo:
“Parents are more than welcome to visit their children’s classes — our recipe this season will be applesauce!”



Tuesday 10/18

Wednesday 10/19

Thursday 10/20

Period 1 Jessica (1st/2nd) Denise (K) Kelley (3rd)
Period 2 Mike and Javier (5th) Erin and Matilda (K) Zoe
Period 3 Western (5th) Lauren and Casey (2nd) Melissa (3rd)
Period 4 Lunch Lunch  Lunch
Period 5 Eastern (5th) Katie (4th) X
Period 6 Jennifer (2nd) Scott (4th) X
Period 7 Melissa (3rd) Kerry (4th) X

WITS June 2016 Letter

witsFrom Chef Marion:

Greetings Parents, Partners, and Administration of AmPark,

What a wonderful and exciting year this has been for the Wellness in the Schools program. We had so many new things to explore. The Wellness Committee Students created their own signature salad dressing. Additionally, AmPark started a Garden Committee with parents and students. We gained a Hydroponic Tower Garden through a grant written by WITS. There was so much to learn from tower garden and so much left to learn next year.

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May WITS Labs

witsChef Laurielle returned for this year’s last round of Labs the week of May 23rd. The seasonal ingredient used was Salad Greens with fresh dressings and Yogurt Dip with strawberries. The students really loved this class. They had the chance to help out with preparation of dressings and tasting with butter lettuce, spinach, and greens from our Tower Garden. I am hoping your families get a chance to use some of these great recipes over the summer and have the students help you make them. Thanks to the parents who were able to come and help out!

WITS March 2016 Letter

witsGreetings Parents, Partners, and Administration of AmPark,

We have new additions to our Ampark WITS team: Chrismary and Amanda, Nutrition Intern students from Lehman College. They have been working with Laurielle and me during Labs and in the cafeteria, getting to know the students and helping to spread the word of healthy eating to the students. These ladies will spend a few hours each week working at the salad bar, with tastings, the tower Garden, etc. Jill has become the Tower whisperer and solved the problem of burnt leaves.

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