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Please see attached additional information we’ve put together regarding schools. If you wish to recommend a school to other parents, please send us the information and we’re happy to share!

Missed out on the District 10 Middle School Fair on October 3rd? Attached here are all the informative flyers and open houses announced.

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A Middle School Step-By-Step Guide by AmPark’s 5th Grade Team

We know that the middle school process can be a stressful one. This guide will explain how our AmPark team is here to support you during that process. Here is a step-by-step guide that we have created to help you navigate the process. Please note that each middle school has different expectations and sometimes those may have changed from a previous year. It is best that if you have questions about a specific school, that you contact the middle school directly.

1. Research middle schools.
Here are some suggested websites to get your search start. (This list is not comprehensive.) 

NYC Public Schools

Charter Schools

Private Schools

2. Make a list of schools you are interested in.

3. Find the website for each school on your list and read additional information about that school.

4. Possibly narrow down your list based on the information you gathered from each school’s website.

5. Attend open houses, go on school tours, attend district middle school fairs and/or contact the middle school and speak to the middle school contact (frequently the parent coordinator or guidance counselor).

6. Possibly narrow down your list again to about 3 to 7 schools that you want to submit a full application to.

7. Gather all paperwork necessary for EACH application to EACH and EVERY middle school on your application list.

8. Obtain AmPark’s Middle School Application Request Form (see attached sample) from school office or ampark5.weebly.com/documents.

9. Fill out AmPark’s Middle School Application Request Form for EACH school. These forms are necessary for AmPark to ensure that all necessary documentation is submitted properly to the school you are applying to.

  • If you are applying to 5 different middle schools, you must completely fill out 5 separate AmPark’s Middle School Application Request Forms.
  • Forms must be filled out in their entirety including school name, school address, school fax number. (Incomplete forms will be returned to families to resubmit.)
  • If the middle school requires a letter of recommendation from a current or previous teacher, you must attach documentation to the AmPark’s Middle School Application Request Form. Documentation could include a letter from the middle school stating that a letter of recommendation is required, a print out from the middle school website that states a letter of recommendation is required or a flyer from the middle school stating that a letter of recommendation is required. The 5th grade teachers will determine who is writing the letter of recommendation.


10. Submit filled out AmPark Middle School Application Request Form(s) by turning it into the AmPark Office.

11. Contact each middle school 2 days prior to the application deadline to ensure that all necessary materials have been received.

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