AmPark’s Got Talent is March 23rd!

The date is fast approaching and we’re asking your help in spreading the word to our talented students, parents, teachers, staff! All grades welcome!

All student performers have priority! To signup – or if you have any questions at all – feel fee to email us here:­ (please be as detailed as possible!)

To Signup -­ send your name, teacher’s name and what you will perform to  All received signups will appear on the website at: 
If you will be performing to music you need to email us a copy of the song. Emailed Mp3’s are preferred. Please buy the song on iTunes or Amazon if you don’t have a copy. But if you only have a YouTube version, send us the exact URL and we can make a copy for you. 
WE NEED YOUR HELP! – This year we will also be strongly encouraging the parents of children who are performing to volunteer to help with the event. This event is a real group effort and takes many hands to make it work, so we will be asking for your help!
Very Important -­ Time Limits! Each act can be 3 minutes long. Please note that each performer should rehearse only a 3-­minute act. 
How to keep your song 3 minutes: You could rehearse your song to a chorus or verse that ends near the 3-­minute mark and we will fade your song and start the applause! Or have a friend edit out part of the song you do not wish to sing -­ like the middle verse and chorus -­ and send the edited version to us. If you would like us to edit your song, please email it to us as soon as possible, with detailed notes.
Teachers, Staff and Parents are welcome to perform – a poetry or short story reading would be a great act. 
There are only a limited number of slots due to time constraints. So if your child wants to participate, sign up early. [PLEASE NOTE: New signups for the show will not be accepted after Tuesday, 3/20 ! ! ! ]
Thanks everyone!

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