Auction Art

Here are the class art projects that will be available for live auction bid at Friday’s auction at Vladeck Hall:

Denise K Auction Project2

Denise’s Kindergarten Class – Abstract artwork of suns to accompany the lyrics of “You are my sunshine”

Erin & Matilda’s Kindergarten Class – American flag wreath made from clothes pins

Jessica’s First Grade Class – Splatter painting with the imprint of an owl

Natasha’s First Grade Class – Class painting on canvas, “Every seed grows into something amazing”

Zoe 1st Grade Auction Project
Zoe’s First Grade Class – Peacock painting

Jennifer’s Second Grade Class – Class portrait incorporating birds creating by the students

Lauren & Casey’s Second Grade Classes – Poetry anthology, each child wrote and published a poem and illustrating them using watercolor pencils

Kelley Auction Project

Kelley’s Third Grade Class – Framed art of balloons with photos of each student

Melissa’s Third Grade Class – Replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s oil pastels “Flowers”

Katie’s Fourth Grade Class – The students draw a picture on a puzzle piece to represent themselves and their interests, framed.

Scott’s Fourth Grade Class – Group of framed photos of students pose in letter shapes to spell Kindness, includes a class photo

Javier & Mike’s Fifth Grade Class – Collage of student portraits

Bernadette & Jessie’s Classes – Framed popsicle sticks each student colored to represent his/her favorite memory at AmPark

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