Recap of Great Events

bake saleThe PA bake sale on January 23 brought in $169 to our Wellness in the Schools (WITS) program! Every time your child goes home excited about a delicious new food they tried, that is what WITS is all about, and without funding, we could lose it. So thank you, parents, for contributing baked goods and sending in money with your children. Everything you do to help counts!

The Movie Night on January 27, hosted by the 5th grade, was a huge success! The children enjoyed The BFG and the 5th graders raised funds for their graduating expenses. And in celebration of Spirit Day, the PA also made $350 in AmPark gear! Thank you all for contributing to our school! Our parent volunteers really made all the difference when we were short-handed, so thank you: Rosely, Beverly, Sarah, Rey, Jill, Kathy, Joe, Shannon, Jennifer, Shanti, Inocencia, Priscilla, Beth and of course, James. Sorry if we forgot anyone…THANK YOU!

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