WITS March 2016 Letter

witsGreetings Parents, Partners, and Administration of AmPark,

We have new additions to our Ampark WITS team: Chrismary and Amanda, Nutrition Intern students from Lehman College. They have been working with Laurielle and me during Labs and in the cafeteria, getting to know the students and helping to spread the word of healthy eating to the students. These ladies will spend a few hours each week working at the salad bar, with tastings, the tower Garden, etc. Jill has become the Tower whisperer and solved the problem of burnt leaves.

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Auction Sponsors Needed!

auctionThe AmPark Auction is fast approaching, and we have some local businesses we would like to approach for donations. Help us make this the amazing event we know it can be! Please contact Andria Whited at amparkauction2016 at gmail.com if you would be willing to reach out to any of the following neighborhood businesses or if you have another local business you’d like to approach:
Lloyd’s Carrot Cakes, S&S Cheesecake, Bikram Yoga Bronx, Bread & Yoga, Riverdale YM-YWHA, Astral Fitness, 24-Hour Fitness, Blink, Planet Fitness, Curves Riverdale, Aquabilities with Jennifer, and summer camps you utilize. Thank you!!!