Box Tops Winners!

IMG_3590Congratulations to the students in Zoe’s class! With help from their families, they won a pizza party. It was much appreciated. Look at these kids’ smiles. ????Find out more information on how to shop and help AmPark.

Special thanks to Becky, Yamil, and Crystal for helping Jillian John count 3,454 BoxTops. Thank you to all the students and families who participated in this fundraiser! Together, we raised $345.40 payable to AmPark.

There will be another chance to win in the spring. You have to be in it to win it! Discount coupons and sweepstakes available on the BoxTops4Education website.


Schoola Clothing Drive

From March 14-18, AmPark is having a clothing drive, in partnership with Schoola ( What’s Schoola? It’s a great way to raise funds for our school. Schoola collects pre-loved children, teen and women’s clothes, preps and sells them online, and gives 40% of the proceeds back to AmPark to help fund programs for our kids. That’s $2 out of every $5 earned back to our school! Simply view our very own Schoola landing page where you can request a bag and view our progress and funds earned. Check out the flyer for all the details.

Join the Wellness Committee

witsWe are looking forward to continuing WITS BITS Nutrition Lessons in the classrooms during the month of January and February. WITS BITS are 20 to 40 minute Nutrition Lessons conducted by Chef Laurielle in the classroom or at special workshops. Parents Welcome! Join us on January 11 at 8:30 am for an update with Chef Marion about Wellness at AmPark, WITS Labs, Café Days and how to help at the next event!