Parents Needed for Service Opportunity

AmPark is teaming up with Kingsbridge Heights Community Center to offer 3rd-5th graders a fantastic service-learning opportunity this holiday season! WE NEED CHAPERONES!

On Thursday morning, December 17, the fourth grade and Kelley’s third grade class will sing and present gifts to 100+ preschoolers in KHCC’s Head Start Program. On Monday morning the 21st, the fifth grade and the rest of the third grade will entertain and distribute gifts at KHCC’s W231st annex to another 150 three- and four-year-olds. ┬áSome classes will also tour KHCC & learn about social work.

The KHCC preschoolers come from families living below the poverty line, and for many, this may be the only toy they receive.

Fourth-grade parent Aldina Kennedy was selected as a Joymaker Ambassador by Generation On, a national youth service organization. She received 250 toys and games from Hasbro to give away. For every AmPark child who participates in service, Hasbro will donate an additional toy to Toys for Tots!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! The service events are from approximately 9:30-11:30 am. Even if your child is not among the classes scheduled on a particular day, please help. Contact Aldina at 646-748-0038 or kennedyvazao at, or contact Assistant Principal Kelly at AmPark.

On the 17th, students are walking to KHCC, so we want to make sure we have enough adults!!

Also in preparation for the service events, please share your holiday memories and stories about your service experiences with your child. This is a great time to talk about emotions such as joy and empathy and help your child identify what someone else might be feeling. You can also talk about how we can create and spread joy.

GO TO FACEBOOK page AMPARK JOYMAKERS & Like page! Get updates. Click link to FOX 5 interview about AmPark’s project and the Joymaker Challenge. Share videos of your child talking about this service experience or post pictures; please add tag @generationon

K-2 students from Houston, Texas made cards, which AmPark students will also hand out. IF YOUR CHILD WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A CARD AT HOME, please bring the card to the office, to be put in the Parents’ Association mailbox. Please have your child “sign” card; attach a post-it or index card with child’s full name, grade, and teacher’s name. Cards will be distributed to children or seniors who need joy.

Fourteen AmPark students and siblings, led last Sunday by 5th grade parent Sandra Nachtmann and 3rd grade parent and KHCC board member Jillian John, wrapped all the gifts!

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