WITS November 2015 Newsletter

IMG_6785From WITS Chef Marion:

Greetings Parents, Partners, and Administration of AmPark,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend holiday break. This month just flew by. I can say we are all really enjoying our Tower Garden and its success. So many people are commenting on how great they feel to just visit it. I like standing by it because everyone who passes it just smiles.

AmPark is all about Wellness… How happy I am to see special bake sales including mostly home-baked items, family recipes, and things that the students and parents made together. Keeping away from store-bought baked goods helps us all keep control of what we eat.

The Wellness Committee created a Holiday Leftover Makeover Turkey Shepherd’s Pie recipe. It was yummy. The best part was the potatoes, of course. We enjoyed hot mulled apple cider. Sorry you missed it if you didn’t come. We will plan another after-school event in the spring. The Wellness Committee will conduct a survey on different menu items served at lunch. This is a survey that was created by the students. Stay tuned for the results of that survey.

GARDEN COMMITTEE – WOW !! We have a wonderful group of parents and students signed up to help with this Tower Garden. It is going to be one of the most spoiled towers in the WITS Program. Thanks everyone who signed up to help. We will have our second meeting soon and also a harvesting of our beautiful lettuce, just before we go on the next school break. Jill has been monitoring the daily reports on the garden and the PH levels, and updating the reporting spreadsheet.

Upcoming: Looking forward to continuing WITS BITS nutrition lessons in the classrooms during the month of December. Chef Laurielle is returning during the week of December 15th for the next rounds of Cooking Labs.. Parents, we could use your help. The dates will be in the Weekly Owl.


Your WITS Cook,

Chef Marion

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