School Meals

School_lunchChildren need healthy meals to learn. The Office of SchoolFood offers healthy meals every school day. Breakfast is at no charge to all students and lunch costs $1.75. Some students may be eligible for free meals. To determine if your household qualifies for free meals, please go to to complete an online application. In applying online, you will avoid the hassle of submitting a paper form. You can apply online using any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an Internet connection. Please keep in mind that families are responsible for the full price of lunch while the lunch application is being processed. Applications submitted online are processed within 24 hours of receipt and you will receive immediate confirmation that your application was submitted. Your privacy is important to us, so all information provided on your application will be kept confidential. Federal regulations do not allow the Department of Education to share your information with any other agency. If you have any questions, please contact The Office of SchoolFood at 877-363-6325.

Being a Title I school means we would receive significant additional funding to provide extra help for all students at AmPark (we would still be a School of Choice). AmPark is not a Title I school and lunch forms would help determine our eligibility. Our return rate is low as of this date.

How can you help? Fill out a lunch application, even if you don’t think your family might qualify. Do not forget to notify the school during the year if your family’s finances change.

To determine if your household qualifies for free meals, please go to to complete an online application.

If you have any questions, please contact The Office of SchoolFood at 877-363-6325.

First PA Meeting of the Year!

Sept 30 2015_General PA Mtg Notice copyThe first PA meeting of the year is coming up on September 30! Please join us as we discuss the upcoming school year and plan our events.  You will also have the opportunity to sign up for a committee. There’s plenty of work to be done, but even the smallest amount of participation is much appreciated!


witsAmPark is among a select few schools in New York City that participate in the WITS Cafe program. Here are the participating schools for 2015-2016:

Bronx: PS 55, Soundview/IS 131/Success Academy Bronx 4, PS 311/PS 294/PS 64, AmPark Neighborhood School PS 344/PS/MS 95, New Settlement Community Campus/P10X/PS 555/MS 327, PS 69, PS 53, Bronx Design & Construction Academy/Bronx Haven High School/Alfred E. Smith Career and Technical Education High School, PS 73, PS 85, PS 140X (alumni)

Brooklyn: PS 56/Urban Assembly Unison School, PS 108, PS 295/MS 443, PS 216, PS 89, PS 29, PS 705/Exceed Charter School, PS 107 (alumni), PS 130 (alumni),

Manhattan: PS 36, Beacon High School, PS 20, PS 333/IS 258/IS 256, PS 87, PS 166, PS 811M, PS 98, PS 41, PS 11, PS 33, PS 278, PS 84, The Anderson School/PS 452/The Computer School, PS 3, PS 199, PS 112, PS 7/Global Tech Prep, PS 75/MS 250, PS 50, PS 40/SALK, PS 811M in East Harlem/Mosaic Prep/Success Academy, PS 145/West Prep Academy, Dos Puentes/PS 132, Hunter College Elementary School (alumni), PS/MS 126 (alumni)

Queens: PS 160

For more information, please visit the WITS Web site.