Going… Going… Gone!

IMG_6145.JPGFrom PA President William Bird:

Normally I’d say “thank you to everyone who was involved in making the auction the tremendous success it was” but that seems inadequate so I’m going into detail. I want to say thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the auction. Thank you to the auction committee for their tireless work, thank you to the teachers and staff for their wonderful donations, thank you to the students for their contributions, thank you to the parents their support and thank you to you, the PA members who were so generous.

Lest I leave you thinking that’s everyone, I have more thank yous to say.

Thank you to those who reached out to our sponsors, thank you to those sponsors for their generous contributions. Thank you to those who helped set up, thank you to the parents, teachers and their families who helped clean up. Thank you to those who worked through the whole event, behind the bar and in the kitchen. Thank you ,Christine, for your support. Thank you, Dean, for being our auctioneer.

Finally two last very special thank yous.

Thank you, Maria, for your tireless efforts to ensure the success of this project. We literally couldn’t have done this without you. For those of you who haven’t seen Maria when she sets her eyes on a goal, make no mistake how amazing she can be.

And thank you, Kenia. Kenia was the head of the Auction Committee and she was amazing. We could not have asked for a more dedicated, hardworking or organized person to take the lead in this, our biggest event. Our success was due to you.

And was the Auction a success? I’m pleased to say it was. Ask any parent who was there if it wasn’t everything we promised, a wonderful event for an wonderful evening. Smiles, laughter and great conversation all around.

Our goal had been to bring in $10,000.00 pay for all the things the PA pays for; the teacher grants, and workbooks, seminars for parents and special events, to bring more music, more art and more science to our students. The good news is we made our goal, the great news is we exceeded it. I’m very pleased to say we made over $12,000.00.

So thank you. Thank all of you for their generosity and your support.

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