PA Elections

electionThank you to everyone who showed up to vote for the next Executive Board. The PA can’t function without active parents. The current Board will be working with the new one over our remaining term to make the transition as easy as possible and to give them whatever assistance we we can as they assume their authority. We wish them all the best.

We are proud to introduce the new board and the new members of the School Leadership Team.

Executive Board 2015-2016

Co-Presidents: Kenia Fuertes and Crystal Teron-Solas
Secretary: Cynthia Rubiera
Treasurer: Mac Larbi
VP of Fundraising: Kathy Suero Martinez
VP of Parent Involvement: Johanna Ross
Committee Chair of Parent Involvement: Beth Stonick

New members of the SLT:
William Bird
Dean Parker
Shanti Knock
Jennifer Mohammed

WITS at Kingsbridge Heights

wits-kingsbridgeOn Friday, May 15th, our WITS Wellness Ambassadors and I had our last meeting at the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center Garden. We were invited as guests of one of our AmPark mothers, Ms. Jillian John and Ms. Barbara Denten, the Director of the Garden. We took a 3/4 mile walk to the garden with our Music Teacher, Josh, on a wonderful partly sunny day. Kathy Suero-Martinez, VP of Parent Involvement, also joined us and served as our photographer! We were refreshed and ready to explore this garden by touch, smell and sight!

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Much Appreciation!

20150518_112221_resized.jpgFrom Sandra Nachtmann, who coordinated the Staff Appreciation Day event:

What can I tell you? Another successful event at AmPark! Every year is getting better and better, and the experience that we have every time a teacher comes in for a bite is priceless.

Thank you to all parents who donated a dish: the buffet was quite exquisite, every teacher and staff member enjoyed a little of what you sent, and your kindness was really appreciated.

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Going… Going… Gone!

IMG_6145.JPGFrom PA President William Bird:

Normally I’d say “thank you to everyone who was involved in making the auction the tremendous success it was” but that seems inadequate so I’m going into detail. I want to say thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the auction. Thank you to the auction committee for their tireless work, thank you to the teachers and staff for their wonderful donations, thank you to the students for their contributions, thank you to the parents their support and thank you to you, the PA members who were so generous.

Lest I leave you thinking that’s everyone, I have more thank yous to say.

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Shoparoo Update

ShoparooThis year we are very excited to be partnering with a truly hassle-free fundraiser called Shoparoo. Over 10,000 schools nationwide are already earning hundreds and even thousands through Shoparoo, and it’s a great opportunity for us to really make a difference this year and help our school raise money.

2nd Grade is in the lead with 630 points followed by:

1st Grade- 165 pts.

3rd Grade-120 pts.

Kindergarten- 25 pts.

4rd Grade-20 pts.

5th Grade- Come on 5th Graders! We’re ROOTIN’ for you!

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Parent-Teacher Night

schoolParent-Teacher Night is this coming Thursday, May 14. You should have gotten a flyer from the school last Friday in your children’s backpack.  There are two sessions, so send your reply in as soon as possible so the school can plan accordingly.  This is the sort of event that shows how the school is always looking for ways to make it easier for us as parents.  This is a great opportunity to  first meet with your child’s current teacher to discuss where they are and where they are going and then follow this up by meeting with a teacher from the grade your child will be in next year.  They’ll give us an idea of what will be expected and what we can do to help our kids prepare as they advance.

Raffle Tickets

ticketRaffle tickets for this year’s auction can be purchased online, at the school’s main office, or by sending money in your child’s backpack. This year’s super exciting activities are as follows (more to come soon!):

  • Pizza Lunch with Zoe
  • Recess Run with Kelly
  • Chat & Chew with Denise
  • Pizza & Puzzles with Maria
  • Lunch & Lanyards with Ingrid
  • Nibbling & Nails with Natasha
  • Illustrate a Book with Christine
  • Hoops Clinic & Pizza with Scott
  • Lunch & Ice Cream with Lauren
  • Picnic in the Park with Bernadette
  • Lunch & Freeze Dance with Jennifer
  • Teacher Assistant for a Day with Ilesa
  • Teacher Assistant for a Day with Priya
  • Teacher Assistant for a Day with Megan
  • Jammin’ with Jess – Lunch, Music & Homemade Cookies
  • Kicking it with Caitlin – 45-min Kickball Game in the Park

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