Thank you!

toysA message from PA co-president William Bird:

You amaze me!

Last week we got an email from the DOE’s Bronx Students in Temporary Housing Team requesting donations of toys. It was a last-minute thing and we weren’t able to get the announcement out until Wednesday evening. That essentially meant we would put a collection box out on Thursday morning for a Friday pick-up.

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Volunteers Needed

bake saleThe Holiday Bake Sale, December 22nd, 2:30 pm: You wowed us with your creativity and culinary prowess for Halloween. Now’s your chance to take it even further.  This is our call to the AmPark bakers.  Please send us your most creative masterpieces to amaze the kids and give them a special treat. You can drop off your goodies in the office.  Please include your child’s name and class so we can return your Tupperware. Continue reading Volunteers Needed

Great events!

winterFrom the PA Co-Presidents:

Let us start with a shout out to our kids for their fabulous performance at the Festival of Lights. The singing, dancing, and general merriment made it an event to remember.

If you see Josh, take a moment and congratulate him for a job well done. One of the subjects that was discussed at the parent portion of the school’s quality review was our music program: not only is it something special, but it’s part of the AmPark culture. The Festival was a great example as to how true this is.

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