Volunteers Needed

booksAs always, we are amazed with the generosity of our members and their support of the PA and its endeavors.   Right now, we have one major project that needs volunteers: helping to keep the library an open and active part of the school.  Thank you to those who have stepped up and offered your time so far.  We need even more of you to volunteer to cover a shift and show our children how important reading is.  Please contact PA Co-President William Bird to sign up.

WITS Update from Chef Marion

kaleThis month, we saw the introduction of new recipes to the Alternative Menu. There are some concerns about allergies and the menu served in the cafeteria. After speaking to the Wellness Committee, I have some answers to questions posed: there are no pork products on the menu, we have stopped serving the sesame dressing to the AmPark students, and there are no peanuts in any other recipes. However, I must stress that the kitchen is not nut-free.

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Book Fair Adds New Day: Opens Monday

PS_Booklist_CoverThe Scholastic Book Fair has expanded to include Monday, November 10! The fair will be open Monday from 9 am until 2:00 pm. That means the fair will run from November 10-14. (Tuesday the fair is closed because it’s a school holiday.) Wednesday and Friday, the fair also runs from 9 am until 2:00 pm. But Thursday, the night of Parent-Teacher conferences is special – the fair will be open until 6 pm, and food will be on sale.

Can’t wait? Then go online and shop NOW.  You can search through Scholastic’s entire Book Fair catalog. Create a wish list so that friends and family know what you want for the holidays. Make purchases until November 25. All books are shipped to AmPark, so you pay NO shipping fees.

Start Shopping at AmPark’s Online Book Fair!

BookFairBannerCan’t wait to shop? Can’t make it to AmPark for the on-site Scholastic Book Fair from November 12-14? No worries. On Wednesday, November 5, go to the home page of the AmPark Scholastic Book Fair and start selecting books with your child. Shop online until November 25, and choose among THOUSANDS of titles. AmPark earns 25%- 50% of the purchase price for all online purchases you make!

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