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volunteerFrom Becky Leon, VP of Parent Involvement:

AmPark parents are a huge resource. By volunteering at the school, parents show their children the importance of service and community participation. Research shows that schools function best when they belong to communities of interested and involved families and friends.

Here are some ways a parent can volunteer…

  • Join the PA and attend meetings: connect to other parents and build community.
  • Volunteer to help your child’s classroom teacher: respond to the class parent’s request for help. There are many activities that can use an extra pairs of hands: WITS labs, trips, publishing parties, holiday parties, etc.
  • Help organize or work at fundraising activities such as the Spring Auction, book fair, holiday shoppe, movie nights, craft night, the talent show, etc.
  • Cater or bring some food and/or home-baked goods for a PA event such as the Harvest fair, baked sales, movie nights, etc. Something as simple as bringing bagels to Family Tea really helps.
  • Share your talents. Like to cook? Bake? Entertain? We need you!
  • Have a green thumb? We have a garden!
  • Have a car? We need drivers to transport food and other supplies!

AmPark teachers and administrators work very hard to provide students with a strong education, sense of discipline, and respect for knowledge, and make learning fun!

Whether parents put in a little effort or a lot, our school benefits and that means everyone benefits. It’s a win-win! The One by One Fund will support the efforts of new parent volunteers who donate their valuable time to the school or the PA from April 1st-May 2nd, the date of the Spring Auction. For every 2 hours of parent effort, $20 will be donated. AmPark can earn as much as $500!

If you want to help with the Spring Auction, drop by Friday afternoons after school in the Library for an informal meeting. You can ask questions, suggest businesses and sign up to solicit a business, drop off auction donations, help build baskets, and much more.

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