A Very Special Festival

bodima garifunaThose of us lucky enough to have attended the 5th Grade International Food Festival on Saturday, January 11, were on hand for a very special event, and the AmPark community and the 5th grade families really came together in a special way.

First off, there were amazing, steaming trays of delicious food from many different cultures stretching from one side of the cafeteria to the other. So many choices, it was hard to keep from filling your plate to overflowing. There was crafting, and special presentations by Jessica and the 5th grade students of the wide variety of cultures represented within their class. And anyone who was there will tell you that seeing the Honduran drumming and dance troupe Bodima Garifuna was a truly amazing experience, very moving – both literally and figuratively. You couldn’t help but move, and smile. We hope to bring them back to AmPark again at the next opportunity. Thanks to all the 5th grade families who came together and put in so much hard work to make this event so great!

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